kadooglu-gayrimenkulKadooğlu A.Ş. (Real Estate Investment Company) within the scope of Kadooğlu Holding; is a company investing in construction, fuel-oil stations and real estate.

Construction: Constructions of all investments under the property of the company as well as constructions of fuel stations, shopping malls, hospitals, private residences, factories, business centers are being carried out. Kadooğlu A.Ş. has completed many housing constructions with the build-and-sell system; recently, it has actualized a housing project consisting of 660 houses and 12 shops that are on sale starting from 2014.

Real Estate Investment: Kadooğlu Inc.’s investments include Bedesten Shopping Mall on 24.000 m2 closed area in Gaziantep; administrative buildings and offices of various banks located in Gaziantep; Gaziantep Kadooğlu Social Facilities, Gaziantep Doctors’ Site, Cizre Botan Hospital and a total of 23 gas stations those property belonging to the group.