kadooglu-akaryakitKadoil, the fuel distribution company under Kadooğlu Holding, went into fuel distribution network sector in 2006. Kadoil makes dealer investments in Turkey in a way that is homogeneous, quick and selective; today, it serves to the dealers and customers with over 550 dealers and 16 district offices across the country. In addition, Kadoil estimates the rapid changes in the industry and determines the necessary road map; it serves to individual customers as well as different distribution companies, public institutions and organizations.

Kadoil attaches importance to investments for rapid and continuous development and in order to carry out import-export and transit trade of petroleum products, it continues its activities on Kadoil Akdeniz Dolum Tesisleri (Kadoil Mediterranean Filling Facilities) which has a storage capacity of 148,000 m3. The facility has a single offshore platform which two ships with 65,000 DWT capacity can simultaneously be berthed and which has a maximum depth of 14 meters.

Having secured its place within the top 9 of over 100 distribution companies in Turkey, Kadoil is taking firm steps towards its goal of being in top 8.