kadooglu-gidaKadooğlu Oil under Kadooğlu Holding; was established in Gaziantep in 2007 and has a production capacity of 550 tons/day in the refinery unit, and 1000 tons/day in the filling unit.

Produced under the management of a strong and dynamic team; sunflower oil, corn oil, cotton seed oil and olive oil products are exported to more than 35 countries with the brands Bizce, Mayra, Brinto and Azime. At the same time, consumers everywhere in Turkey are reached with 5 regional offices and the widespread distribution network.

Kadooğlu Oil; with the margarine facility investment completed in early 2014, solid fats are added to the product portfolio. The facility has begun its activities which are focused on domestic markets and exports with its 200 tons/day production capacity.
Kadooğlu Oil is Turkey’s number 1 in exports in its sector and 61th in all sectors; it is also one of the biggest vegetable oil factories in the Middle East.