kadooglu-gidaKadooğlu Yağ, which is within Kadooğlu Holding, was founded in Gaziantep in 2017 with a 550 tons/day production capacity in the refinement unit and a 1000 tons/day production capacity in the filling unit. Expanding its production capacity with each passing year, the company increased its production capacity to 650 tons/day in 2017 when it was 600 tons/day in 2014. Bizce, Mayra, Brinto and Azime brands sunflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil and olive oil products which are manufactured under the supervision of a strong and dynamic team are exported to over 55 countries. Additionally, consumers all over Turkey are reached out to thanks to its 5 Regional Directorates and common distributorship network.

Kadooğlu Yağ, carrying the title of being number 1 in Turkey in its own sector in export and also Turkey’s 61st for all sectors, also is the biggest vegetable oil factories of the Middle East.