Hayalden gerçeğe bir başarı serüveni: Kadooğlu Holding

When Hacı Fettah Kadooğlu -who was the police chief in Cizre Municipality- gave his retirement bonus to his 16 year old son Cemal Kadooğlu, he also gave him a great chance to realize his dreams. Cemal Kadooğlu began his career in trade at a very young age and in 1977, he was selling all sorts of goods to neighboring Iraq from sesame to toys and from pasta to legumes. Cemal Kadooğlu took Cizre’s coal works in short time and for years he  loaded and distributed coal by himself. They worked to grow their family business along with his brothers and cousins, and when they took the coal operations of Gaziantep region in 1992, it was a beginning of a new era for the family.

hfkCemal Kadooğlu was preparing the company for the future and his goal was to play in the league of giants, so he assigned his young, innovative son Tarkan Kadooğlu -who had worked at every level of the company- to the management of the company in 1996. During this period, the company made important investments in the light of a rapid growth strategy and started to take place in several sectors.

Kadooğlu Otelcilik Turizm İnşaat ve Ticaret AŞ (Kadooğlu Hotel Management and Tourism Co.) has entered into the tourism sector with a hotel in Cizre. Also in the 2000s, the company has achieved significant successes in construction works such as shopping malls, hospitals, housing estates, luxury estates and fuel stations.

Kadooğlu Petrolcülük Taşımacılık Ticaret Sanayi İthalat ve İhracat AŞ (Kadooğlu Petroleum Transport Trade Industry Import and Export Co.) brought a new breath to the fuel industry and set the standards again soon became Kadooğlu Corporate Group’s locomotive. After getting the fuel distribution company license in 2006, ‘Kadoil’ brand was introduced in Turkey. In the meantime, Kadoil grew constantly and with its distribution network of 320 dealers, it took its place in the top ten out of 75 companies.


cmlIn 2007, vegetable oil production started in the company and “Bizce” brand -which was an export champion- was introduced in Turkey and the world. One of the Middle East’s biggest vegetable oil factory w established in Gaziantep, and 70 percent of production has still been exported to more than 25 countries.

In 2008, Kadooğlu Holding opened Kadooğlu Mediterranean Filling Facilities on an area of 70 thousand square meters with a storage capacity of 70 thousand cubic meters; also in Mersin in 2010, the holding has implemented the largest offshore platform in Turkey.
Kadooğlu Holding shapes its activities in parallel with Turkey’s needs; so it has implemented Kadooğlu Enerji to contribute to generate the energy need which is one of the country’s most important problems.


Kadooğlu began to rise since the placement of first brick at the end of the 70s in the journey which it started as a family company. Since 2014, it has decided to gather all its companies under the same roof of Kadooğlu Holding and continue activities under it.
Kadooğlu Holding is a large organization contributing Turkey’s industry as well as its promotion abroad with its companies where 1200 people are directly and 6500 are indirectly employed, and that has trade relations with over 25 countries in the world.
Kadooğlu Holding and its strong values, along with the ability to clearly see the needs of the country and the world we live in, will continue to invest in constant growth and development and in human beings as well as the soil we live on and the future.