cemal-kadoogluOur dreams began to sprout in the fields of Cizre In 1977; and they turned into a beautiful reality with our faith in this land in addition to our determination as well as the dedication and devotion of our employees. We have had joyful and sometimes troublesome days throughout our journey of over 40 years. But even in the most difficult days, we have continued to fight honorably in the path we believed in without giving away to despair nor compromising our values. We were always on the side of the righteous and right. It was our attitude in the difficult times which has brought us to today, which also makes Kadooğlu Holding one of the values representing the future of Turkey. Without giving away to despair, we continued to stay together more and take strength from each other.
On the basis of Kadooğlu Holding lies constant development for sustainable and stable growth, and the quest to be better. For this reason, we are in need to expand our horizons and set new goals. Kadooğlu Holding echoes beyond the borders of the country today and it is much more than a family firm; it has become an organization that provides significant earnings and adds value to the national economy. Kadooğlu Holding employees own a large share in this success and they are part of a big family; each one is trying to pass our values and goals on to the future generations.

Trust is the biggest gain in trade life. Gaining the trust of the people requires establishing long-term relationships sometimes by ignoring commercial concerns. You make money, lose money, make again and so on. But if you lose people’s trust in your name, you cannot win it back again. My advice to Kadooğlu Holding employees and to all our young people is to focus on their goals and aim earning trust before money without straying from the path of righteousness and honesty. If you embrace your business with heart and soul, make the necessary sacrifices and work very hard, the success that you deserve will come.

We have never strayed from our goals in this path which we have stepped on relying on the fruitfulness of our country as well as the perseverance and diligence of our people. As we go forward on our path together with our values, employees, business partners, customers, and friends; we will continue to believe in our people, our country and the world we live in and continue to serve.

Kadooğlu Holding